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At MaxRecall we know that environmental responsibility is more than just good PR, its good business. That’s why we’ve developed an application that makes efficient use of your company’s valuable resources. By storing documents electronically, instead of on paper, MaxRecall allows an unprecedented level of collaboration without wasting time and money printing multiple copies of the same document. Data is captured directly from your ERP system which allows some documents to be stored without ever creating a hardcopy. With features such as Web Access and Auto E-mail and Fax, MaxRecall gives your customers instant access to the documents they require without the need to ever print, or mail a single sheet of paper.

Throughout the course of its life, the average document is printed or copied nine times, with MaxRecall that number drops to two. MaxRecall provides thousands of dollars in savings from reduced paper, toner, and labor costs; not to mention the nearly 50,000 pounds of greenhouse gases kept out of the atmosphere every year. MaxRecall provides a clear, economic advantage to help protect the environment and your bottom line.

Some of our Customers:

  • Parker Hannifin
  • Tri-State Bearing
  • Dana Kepner Co.
  • Drillers Service
  • PSS Companies
  • Engman-Taylor Company, Inc
  • Fairmont Supply
  • Pentair
  • Edelmann & Associates