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Getting documents into MaxRecall couldn’t be easier. The fastest and easiest is through integration with your ERP system. Documents are automatically captured during the creation process within the ERP. Other ways are directly from e-mail attachments and through scanner. After capture the automated recognition technology can be used to index and classify documents. Indexing involves entering information about the document that will be be used to retrieve the document. Classification refers to specifying the document type, such as invoice or check.  Using these two parameters the documents will automatically be related to each other. This relationship is one of the key elements used to drill down from one document to another supporting document.

Some of the capture methods are:

  • Scanner
  • Fax
  • Print Stream
  • Multi-function Devise
  • E-Mail
  • Web

Quickly converting hard copy documents into electronic documents reduces the potential of losing them. This in turn reduces the cost of replicating the document at a later date if it is needed to resolve a business issue.


After indexing and classifying the document it is electronically stored. The electronic storage is like an electronic file cabinet designed for your specific storage and security needs. One of the great features of MaxRecall is that the user does not have to care about or even know the file structure. Once the document is captured, indexed and classified, MaxRecall will automatically organize it for fast retrieval.

MaxRecall will:

  • Reduce the cost of physical storage
  • Reduce the time required to file documents
  • Reduce the time to retrieve documents
  • Secure documents from unauthorized personnel


In a very competitive environment, time is money. It is money to you and your operations, but it is also time to your clients operations. Being able to quickly retrieve critical documents required for the resolution of a business problem is important. It is important to you and your clients as it saves time.

Being able to view the document flow for an entire transaction from a single resource greatly reduces customer response times. If the business issue being resolved is a customer delivery question, resolving in one conversation reduces your average days sales outstanding. If the issue is a vendor order, it gives you the chance to capture an early pay discount.


Many times the final resolution requires that documentation is delivered to a second party. In a non-electronic environment that means scanning the document and either e-mailing or faxing it. In the electronic world all of that is done with a single click. Whether a single document or a collection of documents, you have the ability to get the secondary party a copy without leaving your seat.

Potential delivery methods:

  • E-mail
  • Print
  • Electronic File
  • FAX
  • FTP
  • Web