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Your company achieves improvement in A/P processing with MaxCapture. The savings from automated data capture and processing are dramatic, with typical ROI in less than six months. You’ll get:

  • Clear visibility into A/P transactions
  • Information exchange between MaxCapture and your ERP system
  • Transition from slow, paper-based processing to fast, secure automated A/P transaction processing
  • Seamless workflow system to keep your A/P processes running smoothly, efficiently, and competitively

Traditional processes involving manual data entry burden your organization with costly inefficiencies. Industry analysts estimate the average company spends more than $30 per document for manual processing. The Accounts Payable process is one of the most paper-intensive; almost 80% of invoices are still received on paper. With MaxCapture, we enable organizations to automate this labor-intensive data entry process. MaxCapture extracts data from documents, formats and delivers that data to your ERP for EDI type throughput while simultaneously delivering the document and index information to MaxRecall for document storage and retrieval.

A single user of MaxCapture’s automated data capture and A/P processing technology can process approximately 75,000 invoices per year. You gain efficient, more secure payment processing and better A/P communication across your financial organization. Data extraction and delivery is faster and more accurate, no matter where your offices are located, no matter how wide your global footprint. You gain a secure, consistent platform for bringing best A/P practices to your company—regardless of your size or complexity—thanks to MaxCapture.

Replace cumbersome, past-generation processes with smart, lean capabilities with MaxCapture. You achieve dramatic processing savings with a remarkably low total cost of ownership.

Implementation is speedy. ROI is typically yours in less than six months. And your financial department never has to manually hunt through an outmoded paper trail to get the answers they need to do their jobs. In addition to capturing mission critical data for automated processing, MaxCapture delivers document images with index data to a document management solution, such as the MaxRecall solution.