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Document Based Business Process Review

The objective of the Document-Based Business Process Review (DBBPR) is to evaluate and record the existing document-based business processes within your company. From this evaluation, observations and recommendations will be provided to assist you in optimizing your business operational throughput; enhancing document-based best practices and maximizing your investment in MaxRecall’s and MaxCapture’s business process automation and document management capabilities.


The Approach

Some of the processes and procedures used by our staff to complete the Process Review include:

  • The MaxRecall Team will access and review the MaxRecall server.
  • We will collect both the environmental information (products and versions) and the document structure information (DocGroups, DocTypes, KeyWords, Volumes) from the server.
  • We will then use the existing environment as a template for discovery. We will not limit our discovery only to these areas.
  • As part of our discovery process we will interview your Company’s team members to gain firsthand knowledge of the business processes deployed and how the related documents move through that process structure.
  • We will create a preliminary report for review by your organization, including both Observations and Recommendations.
  • Observations are areas that we feel could be enhanced or modified to facilitate best practices with an objective of increasing efficiency, accessibility and accuracy while maintaining or lower processing costs.
  • Recommendations are specific programs, processes or procedures that could address an observation. A recommendation may or may not include the use or configuration of MaxRecall technology.
  • We will present a final report after in-depth discussions with your team members accompanied with a prioritization of agreed upon recommendations to be implemented with a corresponding timeline and action plan.