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Today’s distributor marketplace has different demands than yesterdays. Keeping ahead of these changes is part of the biggest challenges facing distributors today. Here are just some of the challenges and how MaxRecall can help.

New Technologies: Electronic data interchange (EDI), Internet, e-commerce, and mobile communications have allowed distributors and their customers to better gather price information, track deliveries, obtain product specifications and drive new markets. This technology trend will increasingly allow customers to do more electronically. Customers frequently use electronic media in order to process fewer paper transactions. MaxRecall’s document management and automated processing solutions are targeted at the heart of this problem. Our solutions speed up the processing through automation, reduce errors from human intervention and reduce the cost of handling paper with enhanced electronic document management.

Demand-Drive Supply Chains: Many businesses are relying on distributors to help them manage their shelf stock. Visibility for the customer through delivery confirmation is driving the need for order automation. A distributor must stock products from hundreds of suppliers facilitating the need for product information and electronic order management. Electronic order management isn’t just the purchase order. It begins with the approval process, through procurement, to receipt of goods and final payment. Tying all of the pertinent documents together electronically speeds up reconciliation, improves your ability to capture discounts and audit orders.

Rising Costs: Costs are increasing, causing pressure on distribution margins. Distributors are looking for ways to manage costs and provide their customers with value. One of the ways is to provide faster more accurate communications. Having immediate access to collateral materials and purchase history documentation streamlines the communication process and reduces uncertainty.

Streamlined Business Operations: To run a cost-effective business, distributors need to automate critical business processes that will help minimize labor cost and reduce wasted effort. MaxRecall, through both its document management products and its process automation products, helps distributors take cost out of running their business.

MaxRecall, helping our customers help themselves: MaxRecall has helped hundreds of organizations from many different industries to streamline their document processes and increase efficiency. From aerospace to manufacturing, the advantages of a MaxRecall system are universal. MaxRecall significantly enhances your ERP system by automating multiple labor-intensive processes, such as human resources, accounting, planning, procurement, and supply chain document management.